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When you need shoring services for your project, trust the experts at American Shoring Inc. We offer a wide range of piling, shoring and deep foundation work. We are a trusted pile driving contractor in the Atlanta area. Our contractors provide exceptional services in all facets of foundation construction. We have a highly trained crew to deliver timely services. 

Our Shoring Services Include:

  • Sheet Pile Shoring:

For sturdy lateral support and to reduce groundwater inflow, we can use sheet piles for temporary or permanent applications. Sheet piling is a good option for below-grade parking structures, pump houses and seawalls. They are made from recycled steel and are environment-friendly. The temporary piles can be reused. 
  • H-Pile and Lag Board Shoring:

Used to retain the sole using vertical steel piles with horizontal lagging. As the excavation progresses, we may use wood, steel or concrete for the lagging.
  • Shotcrete Shoring:

Shotcrete process is a popular choice for many shoring projects because of its flexibility and ease of use. It can form into any shape and the result is durable shoring with strength. 
  • Soil Stabilization:

Stabilizing the subsoils can provide strength and control shrinking or swelling. We customize the soil additives to stabilize the soil to project specifications.
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